About the Awards

The PAWENpreneur Awards, an initiative of the Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN), is a celebration of the spirit and success of African women, from the entrepreneurial women who start and scale thriving businesses, to the intrapreneurs whose innovative leadership within their companies paves the way for growth and excellence, these awards shine a spotlight on the diverse and pivotal roles women play in the African business and corporate landscape.

This year marks the inception of what is set to become a prestigious and highly anticipated annual event. The PAWENpreneur Awards are not merely accolades; they are a testament to the remarkable grit and determination exhibited by African women in business and careers serving as beacons of inspiration for budding and established female professionals alike.

Awardees will not only receive accolades befitting their efforts and successes but will also join an esteemed network of pioneers, receiving access to resources, mentorship, and opportunities designed to catapult their initiatives to greater heights.

Through these Awards, we aim to craft a narrative of empowerment, achievement, and the sheer power of women’s contribution to economic and social development across Africa.

Join us in celebrating the inaugural PAWENpreneur Awards, where the stories of African women leading, innovating, and thriving in the business environment are told, acknowledged, and celebrated.

Why enter or nominate?

Advantages Include:

  •   Be Recognized: Receive Global, regional, and sector-wide recognition for both you and/your company achievements.
  •   Be Inspired and Inspire Future Leaders: Your story of resilience, leadership, and success serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging and motivating aspiring female professionals and entrepreneurs globally to follow in your footsteps.
  •   Be Visible: Engage in a spotlight moment through our expansive PR campaigns designed to showcase nominees and awardees, amplifying your presence and influence in the professional and business communities.
  •   Boost Credentials: Receiving or even being nominated for these prestigious awards significantly enhances your professional credibility, positioning both you or your business as role models of excellence and leadership.
  •   Be celebrated: The awards provide a global platform to shine a spotlight on the remarkable accomplishments and impact of African women, acknowledging and celebrating their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.
  •   Be Borderless: Open to African women worldwide, enhancing recognition across borders.
  •   Be Boundless: Participation is free!

Who can be nominated?

The PAWENpreneur Awards warmly welcome participation from African women across the globe who are entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs making significant strides in their professional careers. These awards aim to spotlight these dynamic women, celebrating their triumphs and acknowledging their perseverance and dedication in their respective fields.

Nominees should:

  •   Be African Women: Open to all women of African descent, whether living on the continent or residing elsewhere in the world.
  •   Be Professionals or Entrepreneurs: Whether you are a career woman climbing the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur carving out your own path, these awards are for you.
  •   Evidence of Achievements: Willing to present proof of your professional or entrepreneurial journey and achievements, if required during the judging process.
  • Age Requirement: Must be at least 18 years of age as of October 1, 2023.

Nomination Process

Participating in the PAWENpreneur Awards is a straightforward process designed to spotlight deserving candidates while ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation.

  •   Nomination Period: We will be accepting nominations from the 1st to the 31st of October. Whether you’re nominating yourself or an outstanding woman you know, this is the time to showcase achievements and successes.
  •   Shortlisting: At the close of the nomination period, the top 10 nominees, determined by the number of nominations received, will advance to the next stage of the process.
  •   Judging: Our esteemed panel of judges will critically evaluate each of the top 10 nominations. During this phase, PAWEN may, based on the request of Judges, reach out to nominees for additional information to ensure a comprehensive assessment.
  •   Decision Time: After the judges’ thorough evaluations, they will arrive at their top three and decisions, and the award recipients will be announced on our awards night.

Key dates

  •   Nominations open – 1st October 2023
  •   Nominations close –  30th October 2023
  •  Judging/Evaluation Phase  – 1st – 14th November 2023
  • Awards – 24th November 2023